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Company history

The long-established company
BMB Baumaschinen Beyer GmbH
will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020!

The family enterprise already works as supplier of used machines and equipment for special foundation works in the third generation.

Founded by the mechanical engineer Paul Beyer in 1970, the company changed its focus from a classic plant trade to a supplier of used drilling machines and equipment for special foundation works when his son Horst Beyer joined the enterprise in 1971.

This structure formed the corporation and was the framework for a long-term successful company development.

This also inspired and attracted the sons of Horst Beyer. Characterized by the activities of their father and grandfather, they enforced the company - after having collected various professional experiences on their own - joining the BMB-team 1984 (Oliver Beyer) resp. 1990 (Armin Beyer) they heralded the third generation.

BMB Baumaschinen Beyer GmbH
Oliver Beyer
has sort of grown up with the machines and today - as skilled construction equipment technician - he is responsible for the supply of the equipment and for the organisation of the complete yard.

Armin Beyer guarantees - as certified commercial and business administrator - the smooth procedure of all administrative concerns.

Meanwhile the two brothers run the company as owners and ensure the continuity and growth.


Partnership with BECK & STOECKLI
The successful partnership with the Swiss company BECK & STOECKLI Engineers lasted nearly 25 years. The consolidation of capital, experience and Know How established the success story and the further growth of both enterprises.
Together the common internet platform '' was developed through which the used equipment is marketed.

After Mr. Stoeckli died in 2014 the corporate activities ceased and consequently the partnership with the company BECK & STOECKLI had to end.


THE CONCEPT - behind the BMB efforts - is simple and efficient:
Customer-focussed construction equipment management - ready for use and checked equipment - short-term deliverable ex yard BMB, reasonably priced! Accordingly, the Beyers have continuously enlarged the stock in recent years.

On the machinery area - which is about 2 acres large - in Heitersheim/South-Germany used drilling- and piling units, crawler cranes, equipment for diaphragm walling and suitable tools and accessories are stored until their delivery round the globe. From Australia to Azerbaijan, from Central Africa to Zaire - every one counts on the second-hand machinery from Baumaschinen Beyer.


BMB und B&S – a strong participation



BMB Baumaschinen Beyer GmbH
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